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The finest authentic luthier Flamenco Guitars without any waiting times. 


The sound of a flamenco guitar is influenced greatly by the soundboard and its bracing, by the quality and characteristics of the different wood types as well as the personal style and specific design of the luthier building the flamenco guitar.

All our flamenco guitars are hand-made using the finest very old aged premium master grade solid woods. A good wood to build an excellent flamenco guitar not only needs to be very old aged to improve stability, it also needs to have an excellent grained structure. In addition and equally important are the presence of many little cross silk grain patterns connecting the vertical long grains enabling the whole top wood to vibrate. For the soundboard or top, flamenco guitar makers use mainly thin spruce projecting a clear, strong focused tone. Cedar is also used for the top, projecting a kind of a darker tone. The nice sound of cedar hardly improves with age. Spruce however does improve with age. For the sides and backs of a flamenco blanca guitar, guitar makers use different types of thin cypress sounding bright and percussive. For the sides and backs of a flamenco negra guitar, guitar makers mainly use thin rosewoods projecting a more endurable and deep sound.

Flamenco Guitar Shop

Most of the flamenco guitar makers work in a small workshop producing about 15 guitars each year with long waiting times. In our "Sala de Pruebas" you will be able to try and select your flamenco guitar from a large collection of the finest, authentic luthier flamenco guitars, without any waiting times. We offer and carry an exceptional, large inventory of new and old flamenco guitars by Conde Hermanos, Andres D. Marvi, Pedro de Miguel, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Manuel Bellido, Ricardo Sanchis, Antonio Raya Pardo, Daniel Gil De Avalle, Felix Manzanero, Juan Montero Aguilera, Jose Marin Plazuelo, Francisco Navarro, Vasilis Lazarides, Andres Dominguez Guerrero, Francisco Barba, Gerundino, Vicente Carillo...and many more. All our flamenco guitars are carefully selected by ourselves at an outstanding value, whatever your budget may be.